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Toph Tuesday!


Toph is approved! Royal House Bei Fong, Lord of Melons, Ruler of Earth, Supreme Metalbender, Team Avatar, titles titles

The biggest Earthbender of all times…

I really needed Toph Tuesday, thanks to everyone that reblogged and liked. I hope it goes round and round! ♥♥♥

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  Powers are divided into four

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I miss Toph she is my favorite!! Learning more about her Daughters, and mysterious pregnancies.

I bet she would be a kickass pregnant lady who also complains a lot. :P

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Meteor bending.

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Jessie Flower, Toph’s voice actor on ATLA, at the SDCC avatar legacy fan panel. Fucking legend.

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Somehow, the best season of an incredible show with a woc protagonist that has complex, diverse characters and teaches meaningful life lessons is taken off the air, and in favor of what? A stupid and unbearably annoying talking sponge? Are you kidding?

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this is my only hypothesis

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